Webinar: New Tech to Address Rising CLABSI Rates in Pediatric Patients
 Thursday, November 10, 2022
 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST





Presentation by:

Paula Lamagna, RN, BSN, VA-BC, CPUI
Education Coordinator, Vascular Access Team, Boston Children’s Hospital

  • 40 Years at Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Member of the Association for Vascular Access and MAVAN
  • Expert in Pediatric Vascular Access

Amongst frontline shortages, an increase in traveling nurses and the beginning of cold and flu season, healthcare workers around the world are doubling down on their efforts to reduce CLABSIs to protect vulnerable patients from a devastating setback (at best), and at worst, a life-threatening infection that results in death.

Yet, CLABSIs are on the rise in pediatric units across the US. The CDC has reported a 47% increase in CLABSIs since the outset of the COVID19 pandemic.

Join us in this webinar where we will address the current climate in healthcare and offer new solutions with seasoned expert guidance to target zero without added time. We’ll focus on becoming CLABSI conscious and using technology specifically designed to reduce CLABSIs to minimize human error, maintain safety consistency, save time and ultimately lives.

Please view a recording of the webinar here.